We operate on a first-come, first serve basis. However; our unique waiting system allows us to take down your information and your telephone number, allowing us to send a text message to you, the moment your table is ready. Please note that this is done in person at the host stand. At this time we aren’t accepting phone calls to be added to the waitlist.

This gives you the option to enjoy the shops around the Pier Village and not have to wait around outside or at the bar; unless you prefer to do so. If that is the case, we have comfortable benches outside and a full bar with friendly efficient service.

You also have a ten-minute grace period from the time you get your second text message to arrive back at the restaurant to be seated. If you have not arrived within ten minutes, then your name will be removed from the list and we will move on to the next party. We cannot hold your table after the ten minutes is up.

Parties of six or more will not be seated until the majority of the group has arrived. Unfortunately, we do not offer call-ahead seating, you must be physically present in order to have your parties name put on our waiting list.

We strive to give the most accurate estimated wait times as possible; all calculated from data gathered from parties of similar size that have been seated before you during similar hours and times of the week. Even though our restaurant is very popular, we have a large facility with a wide selection of table sizes to accommodate the most party's in a timely manner. We also have a very experienced and well-trained kitchen staff that is very efficient in putting out your food in a timely manner.